Epworth Hospital

Hi Ivan

I spoke to the team last night and today, and we have a lot of positive feedback from patients and staff already.

The quality of the installation is clear, the passion you have for your work translates into brilliant installations. You should be proud.

I spent a significant amount of time in the room today while the photographer was working – it is AMAZING Ivan. I can not speak highly enough of the impact it will have for our patients (and our staff while they are working). I am glad we have done this mate, it is brilliant.

I met with the Director of the Epworth Medical Foundation and I have been able to secure further donations from them and I would like to look to put the same system in our other two bunkers. Access would be after hours or weekends this time, so I assume this would change the price? If you can come back to me with a quote, then I can get the process rolling for a PO to you.

The Freemasons is a similar installation, so it may be worth a site inspection to check the roof clearance and ceiling space. The other machine at Richmond is exactly the same as the one you just did.

Thanks Ivan, looking forward to working with you more.


St Dominics Catholic Church

It is with great pleasure that I write a few notes about this wonderful experience.

I met Ivan, through a friend who is also my parishioner in the Parish Of St. Dominic’s Catholic Community. After initial contacts and phone briefings, Ivan
came to do an inspection of the church facility and gave his professional advice on the placing, connection and installation of the automated projectors and screens in my church building.

I was truly amazed at their promptness due to the need of the Church that the project began a few days after that inspection.

The professionalism and the work ethic of Ivan Tomic was very exceptional. The commitment and dedication, during the installation of the equipments, were
carefully orchestrated, giving full attention to details, ensuring that the job is truly and perfectly done for their client, needs commendation and appraisal.

The advice given and the workmanship shown by Ivan as the installation co-ordinator and programmer is excellent. He expressed concern and interest in
providing the best availabie product that was supplied and installed, thus, winning my con?dence and trust.

The Parish Pastoral Council together with the Catholic Community of St. Dominic’s Parish in Broadmeadows are truly happy and full of praise for Ivan and his team. The councii had asked me now to engage them again to overhaul the Church’s speaker systems into the future. I have fully endorsed their decision and that will take place sometimes in May 2009.

On behalf of my parish, I do and will recommend any other clients to do business with Ivan. Having proven their expertise in the installation and programming of our projectors with its screens. The parish is looking forward to continue to work with them in the long run.

Fr. Michael Watae, CSSp. Parish Priest.

St Kevin’s College

A note of thanks for the audio visual system that was installed into our assembly hall. We are extremely happy with the end result & in particuiar would like to commend you in the manner in which Ivan your technician tackled the project. The timelines set by the builders & some of the difficulties faced by you were handled with professionalism & flexibility. Ivan’s expertise in setting up the system was second to none & his follow up regarding additional requests has been fantastic.

Ray Tyrrell
St Kevin’s College