Case Study


Epworth Healthcare

Epworth Healthcare’s Chief Radiation Therapist sought the advice of Full Resolution on how to create an audio visual experience resembling a calming environment for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

The project had several limitations: the space resembled a solid concrete bunker, there was minimal ceiling space, and a 3 million dollar radiation therapy machine was located directly beneath the area in which the AV system was to be placed. The machine could not be moved, and certainly not damaged.

Following several consultations and careful planning, the following system was installed with overwhelming success:

  • A Canon ultrashort throw projector
  • An Extenzo translucent screen supplied from France
  • A customised box that was mounted securely in the roof space to house the projector
  • 2 x 100mm fans to create airflow circulation to prevent the projector from overheating
  • An RTI control system to allow one touch operation
  • Various simulation options that the patient can select to view during treatment (i.e. underwater, nature, architecture), with gentle music to match

The system not only received extraordinary recognition from the staff at Epworth, but also media coverage and the acquisition of further projects to be conducted by Full Resolution at Epworth Healthcare.


”I spent a significant amount of time in the room today while the photographer was working – it is AMAZING Ivan. I can not speak highly enough of the impact it will have for our patients (and our staff while they are working). I am glad we have done this mate, it is brilliant.

I met with the Director of the Epworth Medical Foundation and I have been able to secure further donations from them and I would like to look to put the same system in our other two bunkers.

Thanks Ivan, looking forward to working with you more.”

Paul Fenton
Chief Radiation Therapist