About Us

At Full Resolution we create an audio visual solution that exudes sophistication and technological prowess. Our systems are simple to use and will showcase your room without compromising the needs of your home or business.

Our unmatched creativity and superior service has earned us the trust of our current array of clients. This has resulted in an impressive portfolio of extremely reputable organisations.

Full Resolution staff are committed, passionate and knowledgeable, and we guarantee that your vision will become your reality.


Why choose Full Resolution?



CEDIA Certified Professional

Hiring a CEDIA Certified professional gives you peace of mind and the finest in custom electronic design and installation.




THX Certified Installer

A THX Certified Installer can ensure that you are getting the most out of your entertainment experience.




TITAB Australia Registered Cabler

All registered cablers are required to undertake appropriate training modules to ensure that they are competent to perform the cabling work according to the Wiring Rules, which ensure safety to consumers, cablers and the network.




The Advanced Control University

The Advanced Control University is the custom installer’s top option for learning the most up-to-date methods for providing high-value control systems.